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Former Middleweight champion Chris Weidman might be out of UFC 199 due to injury but his mouth seems to be working perfectly fine.

Weidman appeared on The MMA Hour this week and had a lot to say about the fight he backed out of.

"I gave him a gift of Michael Bisping on a silver plater," Weidman said. "It's the easiest title fight in the history of title fights."

But Luke Rockhold doesn't quite see it that way.

"I think [Weidman] might have been easier, in my opinion," he said. "Bisping is just a little bit funner. It's more tactical. I'm gonna enjoy it more. It's gonna be funner for the fans. Weidman kind of fights ugly and fights with his balls. Comes forward and might get a little sloppy. I'd pick him off fairly early. I think he overextends."

But despite his feelings towards Bisping, he still predicts a first round knockout.

"It's going to be something special," Rockhold said.

The pair are set to face for a second time, this time with the title on the line, at UFC 199.

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