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Amy Kaplan

Do you think Michael Bisping has directions to the gun show? Holy wow he is looking ripped!

In an Instagram he posted this week he's seen with one hell of a bulging bicep:

The snap was taken during a training session with famed striking coach Jason Parillo which took place in Bisping's Anaheim Hills home.

The middleweight championship contender is seen holding a 20 pound medicine ball in his wrapped hands. It looks as though he is mid throw as his muscles are ... MASSIVE.

"Hard work all done," Bisping captioned. "Let's do this!"

He's definitely putting in the hard work, and it shows. Maybe his new fight name should be the Hulk? Or Wolverine? He's got the shape, I hope he's got the power, too.

Bisping is set to face Luke Rockhold this Saturday as a last minute fill-in for an injured Chris Weidman. This will be his first title shot for the 10-year UFC veteran.


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