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UFC Lightweight Rashid Magomedov is a hero, no matter how much he tries to play it down.

The Russian UFC lightweight saved a young boy from drowning in his hometown of Makhachkala, Dagestan.

As told to a Russian news outlet, Magomedov noticed a person struggling to save a child in a canal. He recounted the incident and said they he and a friend rushed to the unconscious six-year-old boy. He recalled that the boy had swallowed so much water that it took all three adult men to pull him from the water.

"We immediately started to resuscitate him -- the three of us. I did CPR, and somewhere in a moment he sighed and spat water," he said.

Rashid Magomedov (right) is a hero.
Rashid Magomedov (right) is a hero.

He added that when he realized the boy would be OK, he noticed a crowd had gathered and the rescue was quickly spread throughout social media.

"I do not believe that I am some kind of a hero, I'm just well done as any other normal person," he said.

Magomedov has not fought since UFC Fight Night 77 back in Nov 2015, and currently holds an undefeated UFC record, and 19-1 overall.

Bravo, Rashid.


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