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Erik Fontanez

Conor McGregor seems to be making more headlines than we can count nowadays. Most the headlines include Floyd Mayweather, but (thankfully) this one doesn't.

McGregor recently ironed things out with Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and the rest of UFC brass by lunching with them in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. Prior to that, the former group of besties were allegedly not getting along very well following a circus of retirement tweets, fight-card pulls and all sorts of shade thrown back and forth in the press. McGregor didn't want to do a bunch of press for UFC 200, reportedly wanted more money to fight Diaz, yada, yada, yada ... BEEF.

While things are apparently better between Conor and the UFC, we still don't have a fight booked. Conor wants it, Dana wants it, Diaz wants it, yet ... here we are. Go figure.

But while we're all figuring out and speculating what the hold-up is, Conor says he's "ready" to put in the work for an upcoming fight ... whatever fight that might be. The UFC superstar posted an image of himself on Instagram, indicating he's back at his home gym, Straight Blast Gym (SBG), presumably in preparation for Diaz or whomever.

Back home at Straight Blast Gym Ireland. "Tough is not how you act. Tough is how you train" This SBG quote alone always made me seek out the toughest spars and the toughest rolls against the best and most experienced fighters that where around me at that time. It is a quote and a mentality that made me into a 4 time World Champion.
Hard work pays. I am living proof. It is damn good to be home in beautiful Dublin, Ireland

Can we just get a UFC fight announcement already? Or at least tell us what the hold-up is because I REALLY want to stop speculating about Floyd. Seriously.


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