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Josh Molina

UFC featherweight Dennis Bermudez sucks. He sucks so well that he has landed himself a spot inside The Bible for every junior high school student in America: The Guinness Book of World Records.

Bermudez, a Division I college wrestler, threw down a liter of sour lemon juice through a skinny straw in 22.75 seconds and lived to tell about it. What's worse is that Bermudez did it twice, after the first time ended with some controversy.

Bermudez stopped too early the first time, before his bowl was completely empty, which allowed the guy behind him to cry foul. So they did it again and Bermudez pulled it off.

Respectable, even if he spit just a little back out. Just watch the video:

Bermudez is proof that little guys can hang with muscle heads when it comes to competitive eating -- and drinking.

So what's next for the UFC featherweight? He is 15-5 in MMA and has lost two out of his past three fights. Still he should be considered for a title shot ... but not against Conor McGregor. Maybe Bermudez should consider taking on Joey Chestnut and and Matt Stonie at the World Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4. He has potential.

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