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Talk about a superfight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and current UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor has been on the cards since the start of May. Starting out as mere rumors, it looks now like serious consideration is being put in to stage the epic showdown.

With tidbits of information being reported each and every day, it seems like we've got our most concrete confirmation to date that the fight will indeed take place. Legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach went on InsideMMA to explain that Floyd Mayweather personally told him that the fight is going to take place, and to accept any role if offered in coaching Conor McGregor.

"Mayweather did come by my gym last week and he asked me to take that job if it's offered to me, because he told me the fight is going to happen and we're going to make a lot of money," Roach said on the program.

If the fight were to happen, then Roach would be a great addition to McGregor's team. Known for coaching boxing greats such as Manny Pacquiao, Roach isn't entirely confident in McGregor's chances. In fact, he pretty much sees no chance of victory for the mixed martial artist.

"I told Mayweather, it would take me three years at least to get him ready to fight you," he said. "I don't think it's really possible for a MMA fighter to fight a boxer. I don't think it's really fair ... Mayweather would out box him all day long. I mean Conor McGregor seems like a tough guy and all that, but being a tough guy doesn't really help you in boxing.

"Mayweather is the best boxer in the world and he would absolutely not even lose a round against a guy with Conor's experience," said Roach. "He looks like an OK boxer. He's a very good MMA fighter, but this is boxing. He's just kind of a beginner at boxing."

Although not entirely confident in the Irishman's chances, Roach was still interested in the idea of coaching him. Assuming the fight does take place, a showdown of such epic proportions would surely ensure a massive paycheck for everyone involved."If I could help him, I would definitely do that," he said. "I work 12 hours a day in the gym, I like to stay busy," he said. "I think we could help him, and if he came and asked, I would love to help him."

With a date still not confirmed, maybe we'll not get to see this fight at all. McGregor has a contract with the UFC, and if Mayweather wants to get the ball rolling on negotiations, then it's Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta who the undefetead boxer should be reaching out to and not McGregor himself.

Looks like we'll all just have to wait and see. But for now, watch Roach's entire interview below.


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