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Amy Kaplan

Someone's O had to go!

And for Thomas Almeida tonight just wasn't his night.

It didn't take too long for Garbrandt to do what he does best, knock people the F out!

Garbrandt's five-inch reach showed early when he leapt into a flying knee which turned into a face kick, as well as several key blows early in the first few minutes. Almeida wasn't throwing his normal combinations and Garbrandt found an early opening and landed a great flurry of punches to the face and body.

It didn't appear that Almeida had much of an answer to any of Garbrandt's strikes as he knocked out the previously undefeated Brazilian at just 2:53 in Round 1.

"I delivered," he said in his post fight interview.

In fact, he predicted this win, as he called a first-round KO earlier this week.

"Upmost respect for Thomas Almeida, I look forward to future fights with this guy," he said.

Garbrandt hopes that this fight will push him into the top 10 and called for people to finally recognize his talent.

"Hey can I get some respect now?" he said.

Yes, Cody, I think you can.


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