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Amy Kaplan

I was floored. Mind blown. Hold the phone. This is insane.

Did you know that if 115-pound Joanna Jedrzejczyk faced 231-pound Fabrico Werdum in the cage, Jedrzejczyk would have a BETTER reach advantage than Daniel Cormier has against Jon Jones.

While our staff was combing through reddit, we spotted a post discussing this very topic. After peeling our mouths off the floor I rushed to confirm the stats were in fact accurate and... they are.

A little lost? I was too at first, so let me break it down for you...

Jedrzejczyk would have a 12-inch disadvantage on Werdum.

Cormier has a 12.5-inch disadvantage, giving Jedrzejczyk a half-inch advantage.

Just stare at these numbers for a little bit. Let it sink in.

Jones and Cormier will meet in the Octagon to unify the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 200 this July.


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