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Amy Kaplan

That was incredibly close!

UFC lightweight Darrell Horcher was involved in a serious motorcycle accident this week and nearly lost his life.

According to a report by FOX Sports, a car pulled out in front of him near his home in Pennsylvania that left his bike in scattered pieces. He apparently flew 240 feet while skidding on the pavement below.

Photos courtesy of Brian Butler, Suckerpunch Entertainment
Photos courtesy of Brian Butler, Suckerpunch Entertainment

Luckily for Horcher he was wearing a helmet, even though Pennsylvania law does not require it.

Perhaps this is why he is alive today. Miraculously he walked away with only a broken arm, torn ligaments in his ankle and massive amounts of road rash.

Horcher most recently took a short-notice fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at Fight Night Orlando when he replaced an ill Tony Ferguson. He would go on to lose the fight, but both Ferguson and Nurmagomedov tweeted their praise in his last-minute performance.


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