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Amy Kaplan

This one is pretty damn good.

Now that the UFC has come to their senses and *finally* debuted powerhouse Cris Cyborg, the Ronda Rousey super-fight calls are getting louder and louder.

And Cyborg seems to be adding fuel to the fire with a series of videos and tweets calling for Rousey to agree to a fight with her.

Cyborg, and pretty much every one of her fans, is claiming that Rousey is running from a fight with her, using the weight classes as an excuse. Cyborg has already agreed to a 140 catchweight, meeting Rousey in the middle, but there is silence on the former champ's side.

This morning Cyborg posted a video of herself and her niece, Gabby, doing the running man in front of a mural of Cybrog in her hometown of Curitiba, Brazil. The only catch is that they are wearing Rousey heads and dancing to the song 'My Boo' by Ghost Town DJs.

Now, that I'm done laughing...



Ok, now I'm done.

I hope that Rousey finally agrees to this fight so we can settle the who-is-a-better-fighter score.


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