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Just when you thought he was going to take his MMA gloves and go home, word has surfaced that everyone's favorite pro wrestler-turned-cage-warrior CM Punk is finally going to step inside the Octagon.

Who knew we'd see Cris Cyborg fight in the UFC before "The Best in the World?"

Punk's opponent Mickey Gall tweeted:

Punk shocked the world a year and a half ago when he fled the WWE and then announced he signed to fight in the UFC. Punk is a tough guy, but he'll find himself struggling to join MMA at the age of 38. He's already been injured in camp twice.

Just about everyone, from the ticket-taker to the pundit, believes Punk won't last long in the cage, but we won't know until Punk actually tries it. Punk hasn't confirmed the news yet. He's probably too busy either A) Training, B) Praying, C) Counting all the typos in Mickey Gall's tweet; he tends to do that sort of stuff.

If the MMA thing doesn't work out, and he can't fix things with Vince McMahon, he ought to just talk smack on YouTube. He's funny and there's nothing like shutting down online haters.

By "late summer" Gall must be talking about UFC 202, on the under card of a possible Conor McGregor vs. Frankie Edgar fight. The venue has not yet been announced, but if the UFC could swing somewhere near Chicago, we might have something like this on our hands:

Whatever happens to Punk, win, lose, a record-time knockout, he'll have a lot of people cheering him. Mickey Gall might be in for a surprise himself.


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