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Ball is life. But so is pizza.
Erik Fontanez

And THIS, everyone, is how you interview.

Everyone's favorite UFC party-crasher, Nate Diaz, made an appearance on the The MMA Hour and, man, did he let loose.

Diaz did everything from call out Conor McGregor (of course) to quoting Goodfellas by say "f--k you, pay me," which is downright gangster and I love it. The fighter covered almost every topic one would think to question him about and, in classic Nate fashion, threw his filter out the window to give a profanity-laced, no-holds-barred, epic rant that you can't listen to with your mother around. Or you can. Whatever.

Props to Ariel Helwani for locking Diaz down for an hour. You can see the whole interview below.

Not gonna lie; while watching that I tweeted (shameless self-plug) Nate Diaz for president.


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