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Manny Fonseca

RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara still remembers his glory days of acting as the man behind promoting PRIDE 32 and 33 in Las Vegas.

It was more than memorable for him; It was personal.

"In the PRIDE days, we did shows in Las Vegas," Sakakibara told in a recent interview. "I was very emotional to put on an event where MMA was born as a major event."

Now that Sakakibara is at the helm of RIZIN, he sees reliving those glory days by bringing the premiere Japanese MMA promotion to the United States. He said it's his dream to return to U.S. shores and he's waiting for the right opportunity to do that ... whenever that is.

What would be great is if Sakakibara can bring some of that old PRIDE feeling. Hell, it wouldn't hurt to bring Fedor Emelianenko along with you, Saks. Can I call you Saks? We're cool, bruh.

Let's look at some old Fedor videos and let the nostalgia hit us like a looping right hand from the GOAT heavyweight.


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