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Amy Kaplan

Straight out of Stockton... er... the California State Assembly?

I am surprised m---efers! According to an Instagram posted by his gym on Wednesday, UFC star Nate Diaz was honored by Assemblyman Jim Cooper, "for his hard work and for giving back to the kids and adults of the community."

"It says all kinds of s--t," Diaz said of his award during his memorable MMA Hour interview. "It was pretty cool."

According to Rolling Stone, the certificate refers to his win over Conor McGregor, "one of the biggest upsets in UFC history."

Since when does the state of California weigh in on MMA results?

The decree goes on to say, "The exploits of Nathan Diaz, a successful American mixed martial artist from Stockton, have been a source of great joy and pride to the people of the State of California."

Why do I feel like we are getting farther away from a rematch everyday?


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