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I'm newly addicted to jiu-jitsu and as such have been scouring the internet looking for the best submissions in MMA events. Not because I daydream that I am the one doing the submitting or anything ... nope, definitely not.

Angela Lee's Twister

Practically all of Lee's entire career could be be on this list. But for the sake of space and my editor's sanity I will pick just one (Editor's note: thanks, Kaplan). Don't let her size or sweet face fool you, she is a wrecking ball. In this fight Lee faces Natalie Gonzales Hills and submits her pretty easily via a twister in the first round.

Chad George's Von Flue Choke

This is my favorite on the list. Partly because I was sitting cage side and had literally the best view of this submission, but because this is the slickest Von Flue choke I have ever seen.

Chad George was being held tightly in a guillotine choke by Mark Vorgeas at Bellator 136, but that didn't stop him from using his superior jiu-jitsu to choke his opponent unconscious from side control. The fascinating thing about it all wasn't just the rare move executed perfectly, but the argument with the referee and George that followed after.

George knew his opponent was out, and rather than inflict more damage, he stopped and motioned for the ref who seemed unaware. The two argued until the referee finally realized George was telling the truth and stopped the fight. In case you want to know how he did it, George explains it here.

Bas Rutten's Neck Crank

If you can get past the outfits and the poor video quality you might enjoy this insane submission.

Rutten calls it a neck crank, but I thought it looked more like a body crunch... really, who cares what it's called right? This isn't something you see everyday.

View it below, with play-by-play from Rutten himself.

Ryo Chonan's Flying Heel Hook

If you scrolled allllll the way down to some of Anderson Silva's first fights you would find this gem. Well... a gem if you are a Ryo Chonan fan.

This submission comes swiftly and quickly when Chonan leaps into the air and lands a flying scissor heel hook. Yes, that's right. Just watch it and talk amongst yourselves.

Rumina Sato's Flying Armbar

I mean, do I really need to explain why a flying armbar is exciting? Just watch it.

Rumina Sato is the master at this. For example:

Do you think we missed someone? Comment below and tell me who!


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