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Does IV stand for 'It's Vague' because a lot of people are confused.

BJ Penn was removed from UFC 199 due to the fact that he used an IV to rehydrate.

Penn claimed ignorance stating that he wasn't aware of the IV ban outside of competition.

"I took an IV back in March, this was back before I had a fight scheduled," Penn said in a statement released on his website. "USADA came to do a random out of competition drug test on me later that month and asked me when was the last time I took an IV. I told them I took an IV a week ago."

My thought is why is there a need for an IV out of competition? Generally IVs are used to quickly rehydrate athletes following weight cuts. If he wasn't even scheduled for a fight yet then why was there an IV in play? And less than a year ago Penn tweeted that 'IV's are for wimps.' so why is he using one at all?!

And to add to the confusion Penn says he STILL thinks IV's are for wimps.

“Of course I still stand by that," He said of his July 2015 statement. "I was referring to guys taking IV’s to rehydrate after the official UFC weigh ins, and then fighting someone like myself who would never use an IV to rehydrate.”

Um... OK, so why was he using an IV?

According to USADA, who clarified their rules on IV use today, there are lots of reasons fighters could be using an IV above and beyond the average hydration reason.

"It is a fact that IVs can be used to change blood test results (such as hematocrit where EPO or blood doping is being used), mask urine test results (by dilution) or by administering prohibited substances in a way that will more quickly be cleared from the body in order to beat an anti-doping test."

Now that USADA has reiterated their standards I think we'll start seeing a decline in fighters getting popped. Hahahaha, yeah right.

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