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Amy Kaplan

As if there could be anything more ridiculous than Mike Tyson, we now have Tyson being interviewed by a puppet.

Yes, a puppet. LOLZ.

Tyson, being the good sport he is played along.

"I feel pretty vigorous," Tyson said. "I feel happy, I feel motivated. I feel like conquering the world, dude."

Oh and I forgot to mention, he has a tiger on his shirt... because... what else would he wear?

So the puppet asks Tyson what his favorite arrest was... and honestly I can't even quote him because he mumbled half of his answer.

"My car went through the glass window," he said. "And I had to get arrested because of property damage."

When the puppet (I can't believe this is a thing) asked him what a secret is to a good marriage Tyson simply replied, "A bad memory."

The duo go on to beat box and Tyson brings out his son Rocco to play with the puppet.... and then he bitch slaps it (apple doesn't fall far from the tree?).


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