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Ball is life. But so is pizza.
Erik Fontanez

Full disclosure, I don't like reality TV. In fact, I stopped watching The Ultimate Fighter years ago.

But this moment in the current season struck a nerve.

The life of a fighter is not always easy. They're not all Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey with riches beyond count, and most of them will never reach that level of popularity. More routinely, they try to find their big break in any way they can. That's where TUF comes in as an option.

Abdel Medjedoub, a contestant on the current season of the reality show, I'm sure had dreams of making it to the UFC. But when he got an emergency call from his wife, things quickly went downhill for his career. You see, Mrs. Medjedoub told her husband that he must pick between continuing on the show or continuing their marriage. Her or fighting.

It's not clear what he did to get her so upset, but check out the clip below to see how it all went down. Abdel did a bad, bad thing.


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