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Civil War? More like a soap opera with the entire world tuning in to watch!

Conor McGregor sat down for his first interview since everything went down just a few weeks ago, in hopes of shedding some light on his battle with the promotion.

(In case you are not up to speed, read this, this and this before continuing on.)

"It was a publicized civil war," McGregor told ESPN on Sunday.

He continued on to say that he was distracted by things going on back home (perhaps the death of his training partner) and that he desired to get back to the gym.

"I just wanted to do reasonable media," he said. "Then hey all of a sudden Conor we've got to drag you on 40-hour flights and come and do a runaround."

He went on to say that he feels he should get a break seeing as he made the promotion $400 million just the week before.

"At that particular time, I just needed a little more time," he said. "I didn't shut it off completely."

OK let's pause her for a second. So far all of this sounds reasonable. I mean, a fighter's job is to fight ... not promote. Or at the very least spend more time fighting, then promoting. Except that isn't exactly how that went down because Conor (being the abrasive, loudmouth, instigator that I love) tweeted this....

... And it broke the internet.

"I tell you what, it blew up," said McGregor of his retirement tweet. "I was just kinda having fun."

He says that he was just kidding, and then all of a sudden he was taken off UFC 200.

"So I said, 'Ok, well f--k you too then.' It was fun," he explained.

(Fun for him maybe, but I bet the hospitals were filled with MMA fans complaining of heart palpitations.)

And in probably for the first time in the history of McGregor, he admitted some regret.

"Seeing the press conferences take place and then I was like, ah I probably should have just jumped on the damn flight," McGregor said.

He says he felt justified in skipping the press tour as he needed to do what was right for him for once, instead of what was right for everyone else.

Unfortunately, a rematch and a return to the UFC hasn't been scheduled. So I guess only time will tell if skipping that flight really was the best thing for him.


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