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People, please.

Boxer vs. MMA fighter matches just don't work. The boxer wins in the boxing match and the MMA fighter wins inside the cage. But if we are going to entertain the thought of an inter-sport matchup, let's just forget about Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Do we not remember what happened when McGregor stepped inside the cage vs. Nate Diaz? McGregor would stand little chance against Mayweather, largely because Mayweather is used to going 12 rounds to win a fight. McGregor gassed after one five-minute round. Mayweather doesn't get tired because he is super-efficient with his punches and his defense.

So if we are going to put an MMA fighter in the ring or cage with Mayweather, let's put Diaz in there. He beat McGregor already and Diaz is a far better striker.

The reason there's even talk of a McGregor vs. Mayweather fight is because there's potential to make $100 million and approach 3 million PPVs. McGregor has a better brand than Diaz, but he's not the fighter Diaz is.

Here's why Diaz vs. Mayweather Jr. would be best:

Diaz Would Force Mayweather To Fight

Mayweather is the best defensive fighter of all time. He knows how to avoid getting hit. He's an excellent counter-puncher. Diaz, however, would force Mayweather to fight. He'd taunt him. He'd bait him. He talk trash to him inside the cage. He'd make Mayweather look like a coward for not fighting.

Sure there'd be some boos for awhile as both guys dance around the ring, but eventually Mayweather would punch and Diaz would slap-box him into a real scuffle.

That's what we are all dying to see; Mayweather in a real fight

McGregor Losing to Mayweather Would Kill The Cash Cow

McGregor is still hot in MMA. Let him fight some guys he can demolish. Rematch him with Jose Aldo. Let him fight Frankie Edgar. What about Rafael Dos Anjos? Those are three fights McGregor can have during the next year that would all draw monster money.

What happens if Mayweather knocks out McGregor? There goes the moneymaker.

The Diaz Posse vs. The Mayweather Posse

That's a buildup we'd love to see.

Nate Diaz comes to the cage with Jake Shields. Mayweather comes with Justin Bieber. Now that's a star-studded affair. It probably wouldn't be Strikeforce in Nashville, but it would make for some absolutely fabulous press conferences, weigh-ins and post-fight interviews.

And since we mentioned the brawl, watch it below:

Diaz Can Win

In an MMA match, both McGregor and Diaz destroy Mayweather. In a boxing match, Mayweather has the huge advantage. But Diaz has better cardio than McGregor and he's more likely to extend the fight into the later rounds and possibly catch Mayweather with some punches.

Mayweather is used to going 36 minutes to win fights. MMA fighters can go 25 minutes. McGregor, however, has only fought for a total of 30 rounds in 22 fights. Diaz has fought 65 rounds in 29 fights. Diaz has the experience to weather the storm if necessary. McGregor is used to knocking people out early, not having to persevere to win.

Let's hope we never see either of these match-ups. If Mayweather wants a huge payday, let him force Oscar de la Hoya to come out of retirement. There's plenty for McGregor and Diaz to do in MMA.


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