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Amy Kaplan

This yo-yo of "will they or won't they" is SO. MUCH. FUN.

The latest in the Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz potential rematch saga is that it isn't looking so likely.

UFC President and ringleader of this crazy circus Dana White tweeted out a screenshot in defense of his views of the city of Stockton. It wasn't that which caught my attention though, it's the last message White sends.

"Wasn't a good day," he said.

Simple, to the point... and super heartbreaking.

Earlier reports said that White had stormed out of the meeting, but the pair was later photographed smiling together. It looks like according to this tweet at least White is still upset.

It looks like the tables have turned and the power is all in Diaz's hands now. McGregor has to wait for a rematch with Diaz or it will look like he is running, and Diaz probably knows this. If that wasn't the case then White would just match McGreogor with Jose Aldo or Rafael dos Anjos. This rematch needs to happen on so many levels.

And the waiting game continues.

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