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Well... Duh!

Joe Rogan said it best (and I never thought I would say that), build it and they will come.

It's really a shame that the UFC hasn't created a featherweight women's division yet, seeing as how successful their other women's divisions are.

This isn't a new discussion, it's been tossed around for years, but the topic is getting hot again now that Cris Cyborg has made her long-awaited UFC debut.

Rogan, along with Brendan Schaub hashed it out on Rogan's podcast this week, and for the first time in it feels like forever I agree with him when referring to Cyborg.

"She's better than all of them anyway," Rogan said. "You shouldn't be forcing her to kill herself when 145 is already an established weight class."

Cyborg has shown her willingness to meet in the middle and prove her worth by agreeing to a 140-pound catchweight bout at UFC 198 and she put on a show, as I knew she would. I don't see a 140 or 135 bout happening soon as Cyborg has paid her dues and done her part. Now it's time for the UFC to step up and give the fans what they want.

"She is F-----g strong. She suplexes b-----s. She is just rag dolling b-----s," Rogan said.

He goes on to say that if it had been up to him he would have made her debut at UFC 198 be the first ever 145-pound fight.

Schaub says he thinks that featherweight isn't as easy as just creating it since there aren't enough women willing to face the dominant Cyborg. I disagree, though. If you gave a 145 pound woman a shot in the UFC I think most would take it, regardless of the opponent. Opening up the 145 division will bring out the sharks who really, really want their name on a UFC fight card.

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