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With each passing day it seems we get more tidbits of information regarding the boxing showdown between superstars Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The first reports from the fight were quoting a purse of around $7 million for the Irishman, but now those estimates have sky rocketed.

With the McGregor recently meeting up with UFC President Dana White in Los Angeles, both McGregor and White looked extremely happy following their dinner. McGregor has since went on to confirm that relations between himself, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta are extremely good.

Dana White & Lorenzo Fertita
Dana White & Lorenzo Fertita

However, talk surrounding a potential superfight between Mayweather and McGregor continues to grow. TMZ is reporting that Mayweather has allegedly offered an incredible $50 million to Conor McGregor for a New Year's Eve show.

Yet, Mayweather offering McGregor money is pretty much useless. You see McGregor, as much as he'd like to, doesn't have the final say on who he fights. It's Fertita and White who call the shots when it comes to the UFC and their fighters.

Floyd needs to open talks with the UFC
Floyd needs to open talks with the UFC

A fight between the two superstars would undoubtedly smash all financial records. The UFC losing out on most of the money to Mayweather's The Money Team imprint just won't cut it. Globally, McGregor is a bigger star than Mayweather and with the UFC and sport of MMA itself rapidly growing, it looks like the UFC could be in pole position to call the shots when it comes to the fight.

With Mayweather yet to reach out to White himself, maybe the dinner between McGregor and the UFC was all about ironing out their problems, starting on a fresh foot and continuing their global dominance. Whether Mayweather is included in those plans is yet to be seen.

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