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The UFC and the various state commissioners have been working together lately trying to reduce problems associated with the traditional weight cuts.

According to a tweet sent out today by veteran reporter Jeremy Botter on Friday, the organization has sent a mass email to it's athletes in regards to fight week weight restrictions.

According to the tweet, the fighters will be weighed in about a week before official weigh-ins, traditionally called "fight week," and must not exceed the set weight limits seen above.

When reached for comment, UFC Executive Vice President of Public Relations Dave Sholler told that these weight restrictions will be used to assess risk.

"There will be no 'punishment,' but the medical team will monitor [the fighters] closely throughout week to ensure health and safety," Sholler said. "If doctors deem health and safety at serious risk, fight could be canceled."

This new mandate could cause an upset to fighters who tend to reduce most of their water weight in the few days prior to the fight. The thought process is probably fighters' safety as dehydrating yourself before a fight can be dangerous and might lead to increased damages in the cage.

The charts seen side by side above show the weight differences.

As an example, a lightweight must weigh in no heavier than 169 pounds, that would give the athlete about six days to lose approximately 15 pounds as there is a one-pound grace allowance. For most UFC fighters this will probably not be a big issue, but there would be some fighters who could struggle to hit that target a full week ahead.

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