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It looks like the UFC and EA Sports are wasting no time in capitalizing on Cris Cyborg's popularity. The video game company has added her as a fighter in the latest EA Sports UFC 2 update.

Cyborg's likeness is complete with boxer braids, tattoos, UFC fight kit and a rockin' set of abs.

In addition to the baddest woman on the planet, EA Sports has added Valentina Shevchenko and Albert Tumenov as well as a full list of updates below.


  • Added a third transition for submissive fighter in Back Sitting.
  • Block will not come back up automatically after a missed parry, or a timed out parry.
  • Liver Health Event allows high or low blocking.
  • Addressed issue where spamming transition fakes on the ground would regain stamina.
  • Addressed double stamina tax when opponent sprawls on user's takedown.
  • Addressed an issue where takedown denial stamina penalty was being applied when the user is struck out of a takedown.
  • General AI Improvements.
  • General Referee Improvements.

Cyborg recently made her UFC debut at last weekend's UFC 198 pay-per-view in Curitiba, Brazil. The fight didn't last long, though, because Cyborg did Cyborg things and destroyed everything in her path.

Leslie Smith stood with Cyborg for a total of 1:21 before being hit with a barrage of punches and pounded out on the ground.

After the bout, Cyborg said her next fight will be in defense of her Invicta featherweight title. This is probably going to get in the way of watching Cyborg in the Octagon for the remainder of the year.

That is, of course, unless you play her as a character in EA UFC 2.

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