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If you're like me, you eat, sleep and breathe MMA. It has actually shaped both the way I live my life and the way I view it and something tells me I'm not alone. So here are some ways you can tell if you may be a little too obsessed.

You Know You're An MMA Fan When...

You're done at work, you "tap out" not "clock out."

"Is Gary putting his laptop in a rear naked choke?"

When somebody asks you for the time and you respond by screaming "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's tiiiiiiiiime!!!" in your best Bruce Buffer voice.

"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's... like six thirty?"

If you track life events by UFC PPV's.

*Dating since UFC 183, hopefully married by UFC 202.

When everybody else is talking about Jon Snow and all you want to talk about Jon Jones.

"You know nothing Jon Jones" (j/k don't hurt me)

If you refer to the new guy at work as the "white belt."

"You brought your lunch? White belt move, bro"

If you've been to the mechanic's and you described your car's issues as having gone through some serious "ground and pound."

Car = 1 Guy = 0

You assume anybody hugging you for longer than three seconds is going for a choke.

I was just saying 'what's up!!!'

You'd describe arachnophobia as the "fear of Anderson Silva."

There's only one Spider I'm afraid of.

If every morning you look in the mirror and flex like you're at the weigh-ins and you've just made weight.

"Ready for the face-off... I mean work. "

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