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Ah Jason "Mayhem" Miller, the black sheep of MMA is making his return. (Maybe?)

He is set to face Luke Barnett in a middleweight title fight, except Miller weighed in at 209, making him a whole 24 pounds overweight. Whoopsies!

This ought to be good...

Miller, a UFC Veteran who is also known for his Jackass-esqu antics including live tweeting his own police standoff, is trying to make his comeback by way of Venator FC III in Milan, Italy this weekend.

The promotion offered Barnatt 30 percent of Miller's purse, plus an extra 5,000 euros to fight Miller at his current weight, but Barnatt decided to fight Stefan Croitoru instead.

Venator scrambled to find a new opponent for Miller and it looks like they have. According to a tweet sent out by John Morgan, Mayhem will now face Mattia Schiavolin but must weigh under 207 on the day of the fight.

Video of the weigh-in shows Miller looking shocked at the results, saying, "I think i'm off guys." (You think?)

The promotion initially gave him two more hours to cut the remaining weight, which is customary for one- to two-pound overages but not feasible for the amount of weight Miller needed to cut.

The former UFC fighter has not competed since UFC 146 back in 2012, but was hoping to resurrect his career on May 21.

Miller spoke with OC Weekly last March about being misunderstood by the community and how he's had an unfair portrayal from the media. Miller is awaiting trial for a domestic violence charge that he claims is false.

“If you read the newspapers, you probably think I’m just an idiot and that I’m some kind of evil person because all you get is this one-sided story from the cops,” Miller said.

He says that due to the issues with police he has had trouble booking fights. He went on to say that he hopes this fight can relaunch his career.

Miller currently has a 23-9 record.


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