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Amy Kaplan

One-time blossom buddies Dana White and Conor McGregor were finally spotted together since the drama of UFC 200 all went down.

Just in case you have been on another planet, refresher: McGregor refused to do a required press conference, then tweeted a retirement statement and all hell broke loose. White called his bluff and upped the ante by canceling his scheduled rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 200. Then in typical McGregor fashion, he started teasing a super fight with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

The pair were, however, caught on tape by TMZ (because of course) entering a swanky Beverly Hills hotel for a two-hour, sit-down dinner, flanked by three large bodyguards.

Afterwards McGregor is seen patiently waiting for his Rolls to arrive from valet. He enters his car and drives off with one of the security guards, who is rumored to have been hired recently due to death threats.

No news of what the pair discussed has been released yet.

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