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Jose Also became the first UFC featherweight champion in 2010. He successfully defended his title seven times over five years.

It only took him 13 seconds to lose it against Conor McGregor at UFC 194.

Now, with McGregor dancing in other divisions, Aldo has to be content with fighting Frankie Edgar for the interim featherweight division title at UFC 200. A fight that Aldo isn't too happy about it.

"I was really upset about it," Aldo told reporters last week in Brazil. "I had it in my mind that I deserved a linear fight, a rematch, but I'm fine. I'm over it."

The road back to the belt won't be a direct route for Aldo. First up he's going to have to deal with Edgar, a challenge he's more than ready for.

"Frankie is the next step I have to do in order to get the belt back," Aldo said. "So we're going there to win. Respecting him a lot and then we get that piece of s--t."

Clearly, Aldo hasn't forgotten about the man that took his belt away and knocked him down the ranking ladder, nor will McGregor's fans let him forget. When asked by a reporter how he felt about Irish fans who comment "13 seconds" on his social media frequently.

"F--king hell, that's a pain in the ass," chuckled Aldo. "F--k, brother, that's a pain in the ass. But it's normal, right?"

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