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It's only been a few hours since the news of Michael Bisping replacing Chris Weidman to face Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, thus stepping ahead of the No. 2 seed, Jacare Souza (Do I need to draw you a diagram?).

Souza has taken to Facebook to calm his angry fans and explain why he's OK with the UFC's decision.

The statement, which was given in both Portuguese and English, can be read below.

I got an offer from the UFC to replace injured Chris Weidman in a middleweight title fight at UFC 199, on June 4, against Luke Rockhold, the current champion. Everybody knows my desire to fight for the title and, if possible, in a rematch with Rockhold. However, I can't let the emotion superimpose the reason.
One week before my fight with Vitor Belfort, I felt a pain in my right knee, but still went to battle. I fought well, but was limping as I left the Octagon. The next Monday, I was examined by doctor Alexandre Campello, who recommended me a MRI to better analyze the situation. While I was waiting for the results, I heard about Weidman's injury. I would only be able to answer the UFC's offer when I knew what I had in my knee. On Wednesday afternoon, with the MRI results, it was decided that I would go through an arthroscopy on Thursday as part of the recovery process for a minor meniscus injury.
Thereby, I can't be fit for such an important fight on June 4. Michael Bisping is the new challenger, and I wish him and Rockhold a great fight. I want to face the winner of this fight soon and, no matter who wins, I will be ready to destroy him and become the new middleweight champion.
I would also like to thank the love from my fans, in person or on social media. I got thousands of messages every day, always supporting me and congratulating me for my work. I'm happy to know that. I also thank the UFC for understanding, and also say thank you to every member of my team.
See you soon in the Octagon!

Just in case you didn't actually read the long-winded explanation, basically Souza says he isn't able to fight due to a knee injury (but makes sure you know that he fought on that injury once already and won). He hopes to be ready in time to face whoever wins the bout to take the belt.


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