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I'm sure if you look at Cris Cyborg's "To-Do List," it probably looks a little like this:

  • Fight in the UFC - Check
  • Get Weight Under 140 - Yup
  • Defeat Leslie Smith at 198 - Done
  • Fight Self-Appointed Arch Nemesis Who I Have Respect For But Have Desperately Wanted To Beat Down For Years But Can't Seem To Make It Happen AKA Ronda Rousey - Pending/Past Due

Yes, that's right, Cyborg's bucket list is unfulfilled. It's not like Cyborg isn't doing her best to knock that one off her list (Ha! See what I did there?).

Cyborg has used ALMOST every opportunity to call Rousey out. Earlier this month, to promote her UFC debut at UFC 198, Cyborg slammed Rousey over her shadowboxing, claiming that "her shadow won." She was calling out Rousey long before she even faced Smith, telling reporters that she wanted Rousey at Madison Square Garden when the UFC returns to New York in November.

It's so common for Cyborg to call out Rousey that it's more apparent when she DOESN'T call Rousey out. After her win over Smith, Cyborg was interviewed in the Octagon and chose to thank her supporters and her hometown crowd rather than use the time to on Rousey.

It was so noticeable that media asked her about it afterwards. Cyborg claimed that she wanted that moment "all to herself" not wanting to share it with Rousey.

Now that her first UFC victory is under her belt and she's had "her moment," Cyborg is right back to her old routine.

She recently spoke to TMZ Sports and had a message for the former UFC women's bantamweight champion and Self-Appointed Arch Nemesis – eh, you know the rest. Anyway, she had this to say:

Keep hope alive, Cyborg. Maybe one day you'll finish your bucket list.

You can watch her full interview by clicking on the link below.


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