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CM Punk’s UFC debut has been delayed like 387,524,098,347,502,983,475 times since he got signed by the organization in late 2014. I damn near forgot it even happened because it’s been so long.

But if you’re following the story to any extent, you’ve heard Punk, or Phil Brooks or whatever we’re calling him in his post-WWE days, has been training hard to make his transition from pro wrestling to the Octagon. The delay in his debut has been largely attributed to injuries.

The Wrestling Observer’s lead wordsmith Dave Meltzer said something that makes one say, “Should Punk even fight in the UFC anymore?”

According to Meltzer and his sources, Punk’s been working hard but not progressing in his efforts to be what you or I would consider a fighter. Meltzer added that Punk's pending opponent, Mickey Gall, is basically being looked at as a guy who can run through Punk and make it a fairly uncompetitive fight. Not exactly the kind of result one would hope in a high-profile debut.

While we can hope ol’ Phil will be fight ready and put on a performance worthy of UFC pay-per-view buys, the chances are looking thinner and thinner that he’ll be anything relatively close to that.

But I’ll leave it up to you guys. Do you want to see CM Punk fight in the UFC?


Are you excited to see CM Punk in the UFC?


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