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Ball is life. But so is pizza.
Erik Fontanez

A lame gall bladder might have stopped Anderson Silva from fighting at UFC 198, but that won’t stop his drive to participate at this year’s biggest fight card.

Your boy Andy apparently wants to fight on the UFC 200 card. That’s according to his physical trainer, Rogerio Camoes, who talked to the about Silva’s intentions.

“Thank God everything went fine and Anderson is already planning his return … He told me, ‘Master, pack everything up. We’re going to UFC 200.’ The most important thing is that he kept his mind strong and didn’t lose his motivation. On the contrary, he’s really motivated to take part at that historical UFC 200 event.”

That’s a quick turnaround time with the UFC’s landmark event being less than two months away. I mean, I’ve never had my gallbladder taken out, but I’m assuming it’s really painful, especially after having surgery. Doing anything like MMA training would kinda suck and only increase the pain, me thinks.

But I’m not a fighter. What the hell do I know?

The UFC hasn’t made any announcements about Silva’s next fight. Since Uriah Hall didn’t get to fight him at UFC 198, maybe UFC 200 isn’t a bad idea for him, either.


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