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Ball is life. But so is pizza.
Erik Fontanez

At first she was hesitant to call out Ronda Rousey, but now Cris Cyborg is doing it by flexing her social media muscle. And showing off her terrible Photoshop job, too?

Cyborg blasted through Leslie Smith at UFC 198 last weekend, and after the fight would barely mention Rousey by name. That was AGES ago, though, and I guess she had some time to sleep on it because Rousey was her target the next day on Facebook.

Cyborg posted the following picture to her official page and even added the Diaz brothers' catchy slogan . Check out the screenshot of the post below that depicts Rousey running from Cyborg.


By the looks of it, Cyborg wants to fight Rousey at UFC 205 in New York at the world-famous Madison Square Garden. That is arguably the biggest UFC fight the company can put on for their New York debut, but it's up in the air as to whether Rousey will want to fight before the end of the year.

But if it happens, I'm booking my flight to New York the second the fight's announced. See you there.


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