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Something eerie was going on in the crowd back in 1995 when Mike Tyson took on Peter McNeeley in his highly anticipated comeback fight.

It appears that a lucky time traveller, seemingly annoyed at missing Tyson in action back in the day, has travelled to 1995 to take in the "He's Back" boxing match against McNeeley. How do we know he's from the future? Well, he brought his smartphone with him of course!

The Smartphone just to the left of Tyson
The Smartphone just to the left of Tyson

The image above shows a member of the crowd holding a very peculiar device, and one that is strikingly similar to the iPhone and Galaxy devices that we are familiar with today. Back in 1995, cell phones were a rarity among the population and those that did have one certainly did not have any camera functions on them.

And, just like any good smartphone user, the alleged time traveller is also opting to view the event through his phone instead of actually taking in the live event! Very 2016.

Of course, we could be overreacting here and there could be a 100 percent logical explanation. Although Apple had yet to invent their stalwart iPhones that are now in millions of peoples' hands, what had been invented at the time was the digital camera.

Thanks to the killjoys on the internet, it looks like one of those digital cameras has an uncanny resemblance to the device that the fan is holding.

Yeah... That seems about right
Yeah... That seems about right

Of course, we could all just agree that it is in fact a time traveller. In which case, we'd love to know why they chose this specific fight? If you could head back in time, what fight would you go back and take in?


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