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Amy Kaplan

Tito Ortiz hasn't had the best relationship with the UFC, so when his student and friend Cris Cyborg Justino got the call to come up some thought he might not stay in the picture.

But that just isn't the case for Ortiz.

"I want her to have every opportunity I had," Ortiz said following Justino's weigh in.

Even though Ortiz and UFC President Dana White famously don't get along it didn't stop the former UFC champion from flying to Curitiba, Brazil to be by Justino's side.

The pair were spotted enjoying a post weigh-in traditional Churrascaria at the swanky Batel Grill in Curitiba. Alongside Justino were her mother, brother and niece as well as her fight camp and friends.

Justino appeared joyous and alert following her surprising 139-pound weight result, as a lot of people thought she wouldn't make the 140-pound limit. She even spoke to the crowded restaurant thanking the patrons for their support as cheers rang out when she entered.

Justino won her UFC debut on Saturday. Now she'll move forward and perhaps get all those opportunities Ortiz talked about.


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