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Bollywood actress Ritika Singh is no stranger to the hard work it takes to be a professional MMA fighter. That's because before she stepped in front of a movie camera, she could often be seen stepping into the cage and battling it out at a national level.

The 23-year-old recently starred in the film "Saala Khadoos," where Singh played the part of a up-and-coming boxer. Her depiction was so well received by the Indian film community that she earned herself a special mention at the 63rd National Awards, India's equivalent of the Academy Awards.

Singh was among 100 other athletes who were being considered for the role. It was her expertise in the only form of MMA fighting in India, the Super Fight League (SFL), that favored her with the film's producers. Besides fighting, Singh has always wanted to become an actor, a Jon she felt was something her training in MMA had completely prepped her for.

"My main goal for taking up acting as a profession was to show that sport or MMA teaches you life skills that can be applied to any profession in the world," Singh told Sportskeeda.

It was that training that started very young for Singh. She's been involved in martial arts since the age of three. She eventually transitioned from karate to kickboxing at a national level. From there it was only a hop, skip and a jump to MMA, which brought her recognition.

Singh has fought professionally for the SFL, India's biggest MMA promotion. Check out footage of her below.

As of right now, there are no plans for Singh to return to the cage because she's riding the waves of her acting success and wants to expand her portfolio by starring in a non-sports film. She hopes to follow in the footsteps of another fighter/actor that "inspires" her to be the best, Ronda Rousey.

With MMA making its way into the mainstream, things might be looking up for Singh.


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