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UFC star and global phenom Conor Mcgregor has reportedly hired bodyguards due to threats made against his life.

The featherweight champ has beefed up his security team due to a series of threats made against his life. According to Ken Sweeney and Barry Moran of the Irish Sun, the 27-year-old Dubliner was accompanied by two security guards when he attended the VIP Style Awards in Dublin alongside his girlfriend, Dee Devlin.

An unnamed source told the paper that even in the midst of the threats, Conor McGregor was in his usual good form, posing for photos on the red carpet for the press and fans.

Conor and Dee arrived around 30 minutes after most of the other red-carpet arrivals and they were accompanied by an entourage.

He’d two huge minders with him for the entire evening and although everyone was in great form, they didn’t leave his side once.

One of them even waited directly outside the toilets when he nipped in at one stage!
Conor was really relaxed and in great humor but the bodyguards didn't let him out of their sight for even a minute.

Anyone who wanted a picture or a quick word with Conor had to go through the minders.

He told people their names were Rocky and Drago and that he’d hired them because of death threats.

Thankfully, McGregor was able to sit in the audience and watch his girlfriend crowned Most Stylish Newcomer at the VIP event in Dublin’s Marker Hotel.

Unfortunately for the "Notorious" one, this isn't the first time that he's been the subject of a death threats. Earlier this year the UFC and Conor McGregor became embroiled in a FBI probe following an online troll who tweeted him a now deleted photo of a man holding an AK-47.

Troll threatening Conor McGregor
Troll threatening Conor McGregor

The anonymous thug captioned the tweet: "@TheNotoriousMMA Be careful talking down on neighborhoods, you don’t run sh*t here except the UFC, and in the hood we use guns not fists this aint Ireland."

The UFC were swift in their reaction, alerting their security team and Conor McGregor's before reporting the incident the FBI.

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