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Wrestling is a fun distraction from reality. That said, even wrestling can sometimes manage to stretch our ability to suspend disbelief. Let’s look at the most head scratching things from last night’s edition of Monday night Raw.

Big Cass tells Chris Jericho he has two words for him. Oh, wait...

Boy does the WWE loves their buzz words. They are currently pushing the “New Era” down our throats. That said, clearly the best way to prove it’s all about the new era is to have a moderately popular tag team specialist pick a fight with a legend like Chris Jericho. Confused? Me too; it makes very little sense. Before I explain I have to put it on the record that I like Big Cass. What I am about to say is not personal on any level: Big Cass was terribly miscast last night.

He's got two words for ya... Credit: WWE
He's got two words for ya... Credit: WWE

When Big Cass doesn’t have Enzo next to him his faults are magnified 100 fold. Conversely, the same can be said about Enzo, but that’s another conversation for another day. Big Cass isn’t a great talker and is somewhat limited in the ring. Big Cass is the Billy Gunn in this tag team; he gets the hot tag and dominates the heels. That's about it. The progress he has made over the past few years is impressive, but having him go promo to promo with Jericho was a bit of a misstep. It’s clear that the higher-ups see something in Big Cass. Most likely it’s his size that they are high on, but if history has proven anything, that is not enough to succeed. Apollo Crews is lacking in the character development department so putting him in this spot instead of Big Cass would have made way more sense.

So... The Club? Seriously?

When Karl Anderson and Festus... Err Doc Gallows were signed by the WWE rumors ran rampant that WWE had bought the Bullet Club name from New Japan Pro Wrestling. Clearly there was no truth to that. The Bullet Club is alive and well in NJPW. So that means the WWE Universe is stuck with "The Club". What does that even mean? It sounds like a secret 80's German disco-tech. I could totally picture Gallows, Anderson, and Styles dressed like the Nihilist from "The Big Lebowski".

*Hits Reigns with a chair*

The referee: You can’t do that, Anderson!

Anderson: We’re Nihilist! We don’t believe in anything!

Gallows: Yah!

The worlds bizarre love trian... err love square?

Goldust and R-Truth are feuding. Why? Because R-Truth refused to be Goldust's partner. When R-Truth finally decided he wanted to team with Goldust, Goldust spurned his advances. Seems Goldust was only interested in the chase. The Bizarre One had found a more suitable partner- Fandango. In classic romantic comedy fashion, R-Truth decided to find a new partner to make Goldust jealous (Tyler Breeze). I know what you are thinking- why hasn't this been turned into a WWE Films feature? No clue, but hopefully I just spoke this potentially awesome rom-com into existence. I can see it now: Ones a little bit hip-hop, and the other is a little bit... bizarre. Will they ever be together? "Chasing Truth".

"Chasing Truth" Credit: WWE
"Chasing Truth" Credit: WWE

Kevin Owens- Intercontinental title rematch, interrupted

Kevin Owens lost the IC title at WrestleMania and still hasn’t received his rematch. This has to be the first time in pro wrestling history that a heel (that means bad guy for the uninitiated) has been cheated out of their rematch. Wrestling is all about suspending disbelief, but there has been no explanation as to why Owens can't have a one-on-one title match. Shane McMahon actually seems to take pleasure in not giving Owens his shot. Doesn’t that make Shane the heel and Owens the face? I know it doesn’t but still. Think about it.

Ground Hog Day- WWE edition

Paige defeated Charlotte with a school boy. Sin Cara defeated Rusev with a school boy. Karl Anderson defeated Jey Uso with a school boy. Notice a trend here? Considering that I can name at least ten different pinning combinations its pretty funny that they used the same finish over and over again.

Wait, what?

Dana Brooke debuted on the main roster… for some reason. Unless the WWE is about to debut Women’s tag titles I don’t understand why they moves her to the main roster. What could the possibly have Brooke do?

You have such nice hair. Is that Prell? Credit:WWE
You have such nice hair. Is that Prell? Credit:WWE

New era, same story

After talking up Big Cass for the whole night in the end the match between Big Cass and Jericho never happens. The whole opening segment and subsequent main match was a means to further the Jericho/Dean Ambrose storyline. Ambrose attacked Jericho before the match started and stole Jericho’s jacket. Ambrose destroys Jericho’s $15,000 jacket while Cass screamed at Jericho awkwardly.

In retrospect, it’s probably better that they used Big Cass in this position and not someone like Crews. Since Big Cass is already over he doesn’t lose anything by not actually having this match. If it were Crews, it may seem as though they don’t believe he could carry a main event. Either way, this wasn’t the best use of any of the superstars involved. The only way this would possibly be worth it is if leads to a Jericho’s jacket/what’s left of Mitch the plant on a pole match. That would be best for business.

Game... Blouses... Credit: WWE
Game... Blouses... Credit: WWE


Which moment do you think was silliest during Raw?


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