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New promotions are popping up every day, and just as many are folding as well. It's hard as a fan of MMA to watch everything, and often times the lesser-known promotions are holding some of the best fights. These athletes are out performing some of the more famous fighters due to the hunger to be discovered and seen. As such these cards are often wild, sometimes a little dirty but always exciting.

I stumbled across Combate Americas in September of 2015 when they were making their debut in Las Vegas. The card had it's kinks, as first timers always do, but something kept bringing me back fight after fight, and here's why.

1. Campbell Mclaren

I mean, c'mon... what promotion under the watchful eye of Mclaren could possibly be bad? He is the co-creator of the UFC and an award winning TV producer. Everything he takes under his wing takes flight and this promotion is no different. This time he has created a U.S.-based Hispanic MMA franchise designed to build Latino fighting champions and serve Hispanic fans. He's brought the organization from filming fights in a parking lot in Las Vegas, to streaming live on UFC Fight Pass in just over a year.

2. Kyra Batara, John Castaneda and Ricky Palacios

OK, so that's three reasons, but for the sake of my typing fingers I'm counting them as one. All three of these headlining fighters are on win streaks, with Castaneda on his fourth win. Batara in particular is one to watch as she has stellar jiu-jitsu, having trained under Eddie Bravo, yet TKO'd her last two opponents so you just never know what trick she might pull next. Palacios starred on the original Combate Americas reality show (think The Ultimate Fighter for the Hispanic community) and always puts on a show.

Photo by Amy Kaplan
Photo by Amy Kaplan

3. Constant stream of fights

Combate Americas recently undertook a massive project in producing four stellar fight cards in four weeks. Bouts aired Monday nights on NBC Universo and UFC Fight Pass making it nearly impossible to have missed all four sold-out shows. The bouts took place in historic downtown Los Angeles and grew crowds that lined down the street and around the corner just to get in.

4. Finishing power

When you go to a Combate Americas show you will see spectacular finishes. Seven of the last 11 bouts were finishes, with three of them being in the first round. These results are not coming by way of bad match-ups, but because the athletes are putting on outstanding performances, and its showing.

Want more Combate Americas? Check out the FULL first episode of their reality show below.


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