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UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell called into The MMA Hour on Monday to discuss his most recent loss, but in the process took aim at his MMA comrades instead.

Rothwell said he's sure that, regardless of the drug testing going on in the UFC nowadays, fighters are still finding a way around it to get an edge.

"There are guys 100 percent still cheating, even with USADA going on," Rothwell said. "Let's just make this clear. I know it. You know it. That's why people are still getting busted."

He went on to say that this is the reason he needs to be a better fighter.

"I need to improve myself so I can defeat that no matter what," he said. "If I don't want to fight with cheaters, might as well quit right now. I train in such a way that I know you are (cheating) and I'm going to beat you anyway because I'm that badass."

He added that with the money that's involved, there's too much of an incentive to cheat.

Rothwell also said he isn't interested in a title anymore.

"I am done chasing something I have no control over," he said. "I am back to why I started in this sport."

Rothwell last fought at UFC Fight Night 86 in a loss to former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos. His next bout is yet to be announced by the UFC.

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