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Amy Kaplan

UFC bantamweight Bryan Caraway is training for his next fight ... and pawning some belongings?

Caraway, who is set to face Aljamain Sterling at UFC Fight Night 88, was recently spotted selling a $1 Martha Washington silver certificate on "Pawn Stars," a hit TV show on the History channel.

The show features the average customer selling unique and valuable items to a pawn shop.

Caraway, who is best known as Miesha Tate's boyfriend (oh, and a fighter), visited the Las Vegas establishment hoping to sell the certificate for cash. According to an expert called in by the shop, the item in excellent condition is valued at over $20,000. Due to some damage in Caraway's certificate though, it was only valued at $1,500.

The Pawn boss, Rick Harrison, offered Caraway just $800. But Caraway caught Harrison with his hands down and walked away with a knockout price of $1100.

Maybe Caraway found his post-fight career as a professional pawner. If such a career exists, that is.


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