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The highly anticipated bout between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones is set for UFC 200, but Cormier is taking his jabs early.

Cormier was a guest of FOX Sports Live last week and discussed the recent UFC 197 bout between his future opponent and Ovince Saint Preux. Jones won the fight and the interim light heavyweight belt, but, according to Cormier, didn't perform at his best.

"I was like, man, if I would have fought him tonight I really would have smashed this dude," he said.

Cormier is referencing Jones' lackluster showing against a lower ranked opponent who was fighting on short notice. The bout went to decision, which shocked fans who expected Jones to overpower Saint Preux easily.

"I want to beat him at his best," Cormier said. "I believe I can beat him at his best."

Jones was set to face Cormier, who is the current light heavyweight champion, in order to potentially regain the title he lost last year due to an incident involving a hit-and-run accident. The bout, which was originally supposed to be the UFC 197 headliner, was postponed due to an injury to Cormier.

"I was able to spar the other day, I felt good, my leg feels healthy," he said.

Cormier will face Jones at UFC 200 to declare the undisputed light heavyweight champ.

"I just need to really control myself as I go forward because I really want to go in head first," he said. "I'm scheduled for such a big event, I really want to get after it."

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