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Scott McCann

Demi Lovato. Singer, actress, model and — mixed martial artist? No, we're not joking.

It appears that Demi has been training in MMA recently, and from her recent Instagram uploads, it looks like she would kick all of our asses.

The singer uploaded footage of her raining down some vicious elbows on a pad. Captioning the post with, "I hate the word victim. I never have been and I never will be," it looks like she means business.

If the above video isn't proof enough, then how about this? Former UFC light heavyweight champion "Suga" Rashad Evans posted a selfie with the star, saying her training was so impressive that he initially thought the singer was training for a fight.

Currently on tour with Nick Jonas, it looks like Demi is doing all she can to maintain her fitness.

Maybe Demi Lovato is aiming for a career change? Stranger things have happened.

Did you know Demi Lovato was an MMA enthusiast?


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