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Dada 5000, AKA Dhafir Harris, has been relatively quiet since his life-threatening fight with Kimbo Slice in February. Harris collapsed in the third round of the bout and was rushed to the hospital where he needed to be resuscitated after suffering from renal failure.

To add insult to injury, shortly after their fight, Slice tested positive for steroids.

Harris has spent the past few months recovering and now, almost back to 100 percent, Harris is finally breaking his silence. He sat down with Marc Raimondi of MMA Fighting for a Q&A about his experience, the fight with Slice that nearly ended his life and the fact that Slice was on steroids when they fought.

"I'm about like 70 percent and growing," said Harris. "This whole ordeal, you know, has been very, very trying because of the process I had to undergo.

"My kidneys went out during this fight. I was on dialysis for a couple of months. I had two heart attacks. I died inside that ring. They brought me back, and then my heart stopped. For like five minutes, they brought me back, and then my heart stopped again for like eight minutes."

If there was any doubt about the seriousness of Harris' condition, at this point it should be clear. Technically, Harris died that day and it was short of a miracle that he's still alive. According to the fighter, though, there's "a lot more to this situation than people can imagine."

Recently it was announced that Slice was suspended by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) for testing positive for an anabolic steroid called nandrolone. Dada said this showed Kimbo's true character.

"I was telling people earlier that that dude is a dirty guy," Harris said, adding, "that they don't play fair, that they had my fight put in but they said that they did not have it, and they posted clips of me getting hit to make me look bad."

Slice reached a deal with the TDLR where he'll have to pay a $2,500 fine and his win over Harris will revert to a no-contest. Bellator booked Slice for a fight against James Thompson in London on July 9 – a fact that Harris can't believe.

"It's disturbing. This is letting you know that this was bigger than me and than what I expected," stated Harris. "I was the underdog. Everybody had their chips on Kimbo Slice to win, and they [Kimbo's team] could not let Dada 5000 win under no circumstances.

"To beat me you got to cheat me. What's the honor in that? But you guys going to embrace that? You guys going to accept that? What about the 15-, 16-year-old kids that are home training hard, running sprints with logs on their back, saying, 'In four or five years, I'm going to be the next Bellator champion. I'm going to be the next UFC champion.'

"It's going to beat these young kids out of their future because they want to play dirty," added Harris. "This is a noble sport. Once it's starts getting contaminated, you know, riddled with picking faces, and it's no longer about athleticism of the competitors. It's going to get like boxing."

When it comes to getting back into the cage with Slice for a rematch, Harris was adamant it wouldn't happen, but not because of him.

"I'll compete again," he said. "Maybe not against [Slice], but I'll compete again. And even if not with Bellator or the UFC or none of those guys, I'll do it for myself."

If Harris DOES fight again, he has a message for anyone that chooses to step in the ring with him.

"I come to fight. Don't set me up, man. Don't do that man. I got a family, man. If a fight meant that much to you, I wouldn't have taken it. I wouldn't have taken it. This is worse than in the streets."



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