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Paige VanZant is known as one of the nicest fighters in the UFC. Currently starring in ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," the 22-year-old strawweight is a favorite to win the show, having already put on flawless performances.

However, it appears not everyone is a fan ...

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, it was current bantamweight women's champion Miesha Tate who revealed a nasty encounter between VanZant and former champ Ronda Rousey. It appears that if you're on Team Rousey, then that means for life. And you better not congratulate anyone who beats her, which is exactly what VanZant did.

According to Tate, things got heated when the two bumped into each other at a Reebok event. Check out what happened in the alleged incident below via a clip from Joe Rogan's fantastic podcast.

Yikes... Looks like Rousey was really affected by that loss to Holly Holm. It didn't take long for Paige VanZant to confirm the story as TMZ reached out to her for a comment. In a brief statement, the exciting MMA prospect confirmed that the incident did indeed take place labelling it as "shocking and totally unnecessary."

It appears that I offended Ronda by congratulating Holly after her victory. The incident was very shocking and totally unnecessary.

We can't help but feel that Ronda overreacted and took out her anger on Paige. We think maybe it's time for Ronda focus that anger inside the Octagon and get back to doing what she does best. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll not see the former champ back inside the cage until the end of year. The good news is that Rousey has recently been photographed training, so maybe we'll see her sooner than later.

Let this be a lesson to all who are – If you are, you are on it for life.


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