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If Conor McGregor is the undisputed hero of Ireland, then Khabib Nurmagomedov is most certainly Russia's undisputed hero.

Already amassing a huge following in the United States following his return to the UFC octagon, the undefeated lightweight is working his way through the division for that inevitable title shot.

In a video that will surely excited UFC President Dana White about the Russian market, footage emerged from a shopping mall where around 3,000 fans had crammed into a Reebok store to get a glimpse of the UFC star.

Chants of "Khabib, Khabib, Khabib!" are heard as Nurmagomedov made his way to the store. The home support will be a welcomed surprise for "The Eagle" following a long spell on the sidelines with injury problems.

The feared Russian finally made his return on April 16, at UFC on Fox 19. The UFC admitted to having serious problems finding an opponent for Nurmagomedov after Tony Ferguson had to bow out of the fight due to injury. Thankfully for the fans, newcomer Darrel Horcher stepped up to the call but ultimately lost via technical knockout in the second round.

Nurmagomedov v Horcher
Nurmagomedov v Horcher

Khabib's next fight is yet to be announced, but the Russian is one of the promotions hottest prospects in the roster and looks to be aiming at a title shot.


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