ByRyan Matsunaga, writer at
MMA fan, BJJ enthusiast, and Executive Publisher at Creators Media.
Ryan Matsunaga

Professional fighter Paige VanZant continues to showcase her talents outside of the Octagon on Dancing with the Stars, landing a perfect 30/30 score last night with a routine set to 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner.

Paige continues to be one of the favorites to win the entire competition. That's no surprise though, considering that before she discovered her love of martial arts, she was an avid dancer. In fact, it was during her search for a new dance school that she stumbled into UFC legend Ken Shamrock's gym.

Despite her recent dancing success though, the 22-year-old hasn't forgotten her MMA talents. She's planning on returning to the UFC (where she is currently 3-1) following her run on the show.


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