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Amir Khan has had a very prestigious career as a boxer so far. A two-time world champion, Khan won the WBA light-welterweight title at just 22-years-old. He’s also the youngest British fighter to win an Olympic boxing medal, taking silver at the 2004 games.

Khan has now won his last five in a row, and will be facing Saul Alvarez for the middleweight title next week. Needless to say, at just 29-years-old, he likely has a bright future ahead of him in boxing.

That is, if he decides to stick with the sport.

In a recent interview, Khan expressed an interest in possibly hanging up his boxing gloves, and trying on some 4 oz. ones. He is currently an investor in Super Fight League (SFL), an India-based MMA organization, and said his interest was piqued at a recent event he attended.

"I was at the last SFL show in Dubai, watching closely at the guys in my weight," he told The Guardian. "Even though I have no experience of MMA, I could have stepped in and done the business. I’ve already done MMA training too. It’s good for preparing to fight a guy like Canelo who likes to put the pressure on. It’s all about the feet, the feet have to be in the right position."

"I’ve always been a UFC fan and I like McGregor and the way he promotes it," Khan added. "If I was to fight the champion around 147lb I would fancy my chances."

"You never know what will happen in the future – I would never say ‘no’ to getting into MMA. I could do it under my own banner and what a way to do it. My speed would be perfect, it’s hit and move."

In the meantime though, Khan will be appearing in a WBC title fight next Saturday against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in Las Vegas.


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