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There's not much left for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to conquer.

Rising to the top of the sports entertainment game, Johnson made the move to Hollywood, and after a few flops, cemented his name as one of the biggest action-movie stars on the planet today. The star consistently rakes in seven-figure sums, and the only thing more impressive than his earnings is the athlete's insane dedication to his craft.

The Rock is an extremely inspiring personality. Whether it's taking time out of his hectic schedule to meet with fans, sharing his diet plan on Instagram, or giving us insane footage from his gym routine, The Rock is on a quest to inspire people to greatness.

The shredded star's latest entrepreneurial quest is his already successful Project Rock, a effort aimed at helping people realize their greatness — in association with Under Armor. Kicking off with a gear bag that sold out immediately, Dwayne Johnson is back for his second project in the series. This time in the form of a kick-ass alarm clock app.

An alarm clock app? "What's so special about that?" you ask. Well, the one major difference between this app and your traditional alarm is it's lack of snooze buttons. Instead, you'll be faced with a series of messages until you get your lazy ass out of bed and seize the day.

Before setting you alarm, you must first set your goal. Whether that be a total of 50 miles ran in a week or finishing that screenplay you'd swore you would, The Rock wants to help by waking you up to the sound of his voice or a number of other awesome and ridiculous ringtones available. Then, either set the time you want to wake or set it to "Rock time," an inviting 4:15 a.m. rise that is a staple in The Rock's daily schedule.

Thankfully it's not all about disrupting your sleeping. The Rock will upload motivational videos to the app daily, akin to the ones we are familiar with on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

We're certain the app will be a hit, and users are encouraged to share their experiences and stories via on Instagram. As stated above, the app is a part of the Rock Project endeavor, and fans can expect a further two projects in the series to land some time this year.

Until then, Carpe Diem!


Will you be downloading the Rock Clock?


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